Historical Circuit No. 2:

From the Romans to the Belle Epoque


The walking tour

Departure: Carnolès (Tourist Office)
Arrival: Pointe du Cap Martin (Avenue Winston Churchill)

Sights along the way: Former Air Base 943, St Martin du Cap Church, the Tomb of Lumone, Cap Martin Park, private estates of Cap Martin, Monument to Empress Sissi, Résidence du Cap (formerly the Grand Hotel du Cap)

Duration of the walk: approx. 1 hr
Difference in levels along the walk: approx + 70 m and - 70 m


Starting from the Tourist Office, go up Avenue Aristide Briand until you reach St Joseph Church.  Turn left from the Church into Avenue Maréchal Foch and walk to the entrance of Air Base 943. Head down to the left towards Carnolès SNCF train station.  Just before you reach the railway tracks, turn right into Avenue de la Paix between the railway and the Air Base buildings. At the end of Avenue de la Paix there's a staircase cutting across the hairpin bend. Go up the stairs and then cross to get onto the Chemin de Fontanouille opposite. This leads up to Cap Martin. At the top of the staircase you will see on your right-hand side the modern St Martin du Cap Church and the Tomb of Lumone, the vestiges of a Roman way station. Cross the road at the traffic lights in front of the Tomb of Lumone, walk past the Town Hall (Mairie), enter Cap Martin Park and walk through it towards Avenue Virginie Hériot. When you come out of the park onto Avenue Virginie Hériot, take the little pedestrian passage towards Avenue Centrale. Go down Avenue Tersling, then Avenue Douine through the Cap Martin private estate. When you come out of the estate, walk along the Résidence du Cap and turn right to go down Avenue Winston Churchill, which will take you past the Monument to Empress Sissi.