Historical Circuit No. 3:

Cap Martin Fort and the Empress Sissi


The walking tour

Departure: Victoria roundabout (crossroads of Avenue Winston Churchill, Promenade du Cap Martin and Avenue de la Plage
Arrival: Victoria roundabout

Along the way: lovely views of Carnolès Bay and Menton. Cap Martin Fort (an ouvrage on the Maginot Line), the Monument to Empress Sissi.

Duration of the walk: approx. 45 mins
Difference in levels along the walk: approx + 60 m and - 60 m


From the roundabout, turn down Avenue de la Plage and then turn left into Avenue Bineau to go up the Escalier de la Plage staircase. At the top of the stairs, walk up Avenue de la Paix to the roundabout. Cross Avenue Silvio de Monléon at the roundabout and turn into theprivate Allée Marie-Henriette opposite. This takes you past Cap Martin Fort. At the end of Allée Marie-Henriette, go down Avenue Winston Churchill, where you will see the Monument to Empress Sissi. After the bend in the road, carry on along Avenue Winston Churchill until you get back to the roundabout where you started.