Circuit No. 4:

Cap Martin's Natural Environs


The walking tour

Departure: Carolès SNCF train station
Arrival: Cap Martin-Roquebrune SNCF train station

Sights along the way: A sculpture in homage to Josephine Baker, bust of architect Le Corbusier, the former Grand Hotel du Cap, the villas of the private Cap Martin estate, Le Corbusier's Cabanon and Eileen Gray's E.1027 House. Wild coastal path with beautiful views over Cabbé Bay, Roquebrune village and the Principality of Monaco.

Duration of the walk: approx. 2 hrs
Difference in levels along the walk: approx + 50 m and - 50 m


From Carnolès train station go down Avenue François de Monléon until you get to the sea. Turn right and walk along Promenade du Cap Martin then Avenue Winston Churchill until you reach Pointe du Cap Martin, where Promenade Le Corbusier starts. Go along Promenade Le Corbusier. This former Customs Path continues along the coast all the way to Monaco. Once it has gone round the fip of the Cap, the path divides into two. If you go right, a set of stairs takes you up to the Roquebrune Cap Martin Town Hall. If you stay on the coastal path, you take the walkway along the retaining wall of the railway and carry on to Cap Martin-Roquebrune station. You can come back by train, or to catch a bus just walk up towards the D6007 (Nice-Menton route). Those feeling more adventurous can continue along the coastal path until they reach the entrance to Monaco.