Cap Martin

Cap Martin saw the most development, as it sought to cater for the tourism boom of the late 19th and very early 20th centuries. The European aristocracy flocked to the mild Mediterranean shores of the beautiful, newly-discovered 'Riviera' in a bid to escape harsh Northern winters. Sumptuous villas were built and luxury hotels sprang up in prime sites. Cap Martin has a number of buildings from this era, many of them designed by Danish architect Hans Georg Tersling including the Grand Hotel du Cap, Villa Cyrnos commissioned by empress Eugénie, Villa Aréthuse-Trianon, Villa Teba, Villa Zamir and Villa Serena among others. A lot of these dwellings now form part of Cap Martin's private estates. Pedestrians are permitted to walk along the drives and admire the opulence of the architecture and the carefully tended gardens, but only the owners of the villas are allowed to drive cars within the estates.

Associated Walking Tour :

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