Thousand-year-old Olive Tree

Roquebrune Cap Martin is very proud to possess such a marvellous tree. Historians and biologists have dated this tree to somewhere between 1,800 and 2,200 years old. Its many trunks have merged, hollowed out, and tangled up to form a living tree with a total circumference of 23.5 metres. The crown of branches carries a mass of foliage that measures about 18 metres wide, although the total height of the tree is only 15 metres. This venerable ancestral monument still produces little black olives of the pichoulina variety.

In the early 20th century the owners of the land wanted to cut it down so they could make money from their property, but luckily, historian and minister Gabriel Hanotaux lived in Roquebrune Cap Martin at that time and was so insensed that he bought the land in order to save this exceptional specimen.

Chemin de Menton – Roquebrune Village (only accessible on foot) – Freely accessible

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