Historical Circuit No. 1:

Roquebrune, cradle of the Medieval village


The walking tour

Departure: Carnolès (Tourist Office)
Arrival: Roquebrune village

Sights along the way: St Joseph Church, the area near Vallonnet Cave (a prehistoric site that is not open to the public), La Pausa and St Roch Chapels, the Thousand-year-old Olive Tree, St Marguerite Church and the Medieval village

Duration of the walk: approx. 1 hr
Difference in levels along the walk: + approx 250 m


Starting from the Tourist Office, go up Avenue Aristide Briand until you reach St Joseph Church. Walk along Avenue Pasteur with the Church on your right until you get to the Jean Moulin roundabout. Turn right at the roundabout onto Chemin du Vallonnet and continue to the stadium. Walk along the stadium, then turn left into Chemin de Menton. This will lead you to Roquebrune village. The footpath is also signposted "Les Balcons de la Côte d'Azur". In several places you will come to roads that cut across the Chemin de Menton, which are mainly used by locals. Each time, you will see the continuation of the footpath more or less opposite.